Pagerider Quiz – or Everybody Loves To Play

QuizEverybody likes to play games

Make it possible for the visitors of your Facebook page and get even more fans with a Quiz application. With Pagerider it’s easy like a pie.

What is it good for?
Pagerider Quiz is great opportunity for you to promote your Facebook page and your company’s products and services.
A periodical quiz game may increase the number of your visitors and Likes, because Pagerider Quiz is combined with a Like gate, your visitor need to Like your page before playing quiz and grant permissons to the application letting it access the player’s basic personal data (name, email address, birth date). So your can collect names and e-mail addresses in a completely legal way,and later use them for promotions or newsletters.
Based on the completed quiz a unique certificate appears on your player’s Facebook timeline visible for his/her friends, who might also want to play with your quiz. Make your Quiz more effective with a nyereményjáték.
Check it out today for free!

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