How To Post To Your Facebook Page From Pagerider

You don’t need to be an IT guru to create uniquely designed Facebook posts. You can post texts, images, caption with selected font types, colors, background whatever you want from within Pagerider. And it is completely FREE. You don’t have to subscribe to any plan to use the functionality.

My PagesThe post function in Pagerider is under the My Pages menu.

Here you can find all the pages administered by you. Click the page where you would like to post.

postIn that page you can post text, image, image with caption, text as an image with coloured background or a link.

ReadyChoose an image and upload it!
Write a caption on the image! You can choose font types, colour, font size and even the background colour.

Clicking the how_look button your can check the final look of your post.

finalIf you are satisfied with it, just click on the Submit and the post is published on the timeline of your Facebook page.

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