What does this error mean? “Hmmm… It seems that you don’t have any Facebook page.”

Pagerider requests for the list of the pages you manage from Facebook.

It seems that in this very case Pagerider did not receive such information.

There are more possible reasons for that:

  • A momentarily disruption of Facebook services.You can check it this way: refresh the Applications page of Pagerider in your browser window and try to add an app again to one of your pages. If the list of your pages appear then everything is OK.
  • When you signed up to Pagerider you did not grant the manage pages right to Pagerider. You can test it this way: click on this link: https://www.facebook.com/settings?tab=applications and check whether you can see the line of Pagerider within you app list like it is shown on this picture:and clicking on Edit you can see something like this below with your pages listed:If the answer for any of the questions above is no, then you should click on your name in Pagerider (top right-hand corner of the browser window) and chose the Delete registration point. After that sign up again to Pagerider (Login with Facebook button) and grant the manage pages right to Pagerider.
  • You or someone deleted the manage pagesrights of Pagerider within Facebook.To check if this was the case and solve the issue you should do the very same things as for the previous point.
  • you really don’t have pages created in Facebook (clicking here you can read about the differences between Facebook pages and personal profiles and also learn how to create a page)

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