Frequently Asked Questions

What is is an easy to use tool to create pretty and visitor attracting applications for your Facebook pages.

What is a Facebook page?

Facebook page is a profile created for your company (or product or brand), cafe, NGO or rock band. It has a wall, you can upload photos and videos to it and connect with your fans.

You can make your Facebook page completely unique with applications that appear as sub-pages to your page.

How does Pagerider work?

Simply log in to Pagerider with your Facebook account, chose an application and populate it with your content, select a professional design template (you can even modify them if you wish) and activate the app which means that you install it to your Facebook page.

We take care of the operation and continuous development of the applications, we host all your content on our servers, and you can administer your apps where ever you are with a browser. You don’t even have to know about geeky things like PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, SDK, OAUTH 2.0, Graph API, JQuery, access token.

Why does Pagerider want the “manage pages” access right?

When you login to Pagerider for the first time we ask you to grant us (ie Pagerider) the “manage pages” right. It is required to install applications to your Facebook page.

Why does Pagerider want my email address?

When you login to Pagerider for the first time we ask for your email address. We need it in order that we can send you information that is related to the operation, upgrades and other techincal things.

Why does Pagerider asks for my birth date? (Access my profile information – Birthday)

When you login to Pagerider for the first time we ask for your birth date as well. We need it because we would like to wish you a happy birthday and maybe offer you something special for a special day.

How much does it cost?

You can try all the apps for free for two weeks. Some of the applications remain free even after the trial period, while some others are part of our subscription plans.

You can check our prices here.

How can I pay?

In case you subscribed to one our plans you can pay with  Acceptance Mark or with traditional money transfer.

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